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Place, tech & talent - A New Dynamic

Place, tech & talent - A New Dynamic
30 November 2020

Join expert panellists Cristiano Testi (tp benentt), Warren Beney (Holistica) , Sonya Simmonds (Spotify) and Rachel Edwards (Workplace Futures) for a discussion hosted by Corenet UK that explores present and future work challenges through the lens of three crucial elements; space and design, technology and people.

Space and design - how will the journey through and experience of the built environment facilitate and encourage both focused and collaborative work? 

Technology - what should the role of technology be in supporting our workplaces, particularly as we have proven the ability to work completely remotely for extended periods of time?

People - how do space and technology ultimately interact with human behaviours and patterns, allowing people to thrive and businesses to prosper?

Watch here

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