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Holdron’s Department Store

December 6, 2021

Holdron’s Department Store in Peckham, South London, an early modernist landmark building, sitting just across from the station.

Acquired by Gordon Selfridge in the early 1930s, tp bennett were commissioned to realise his ambitious plans to transform Holdron’s into one of the most stylish stores in London.

In the early 2000s Khan’s Bargains opened affectionally known in the area as ‘the store of the people’. In collaboration with Peckham Vision, a community group dedicated to helping build a sustainable and thriving town centre, local architect conservationist Benedit O’Looney and Khan have helped to restore many of tp bennett’s original features and preserve the historic value of this art-deco building.

There is more to be done to bring Holdron’s Department Store back to its former glory, but the community here are committed to bringing a bit of the charm of the old Peckham to the buzz of the new Peckham. Importantly the building remains active and accessible to its public, a truly sustainable recovery of the existing architecture.

Photograph copyright RIBA Pix