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The Poultry Market, Smithfield

December 6, 2021

A look back at tp bennett buildings that have made and continue to make a big impact on people. The Poultry Market in Smithfield, London is a Grade II listed building in a historic pocket of the city

Following a devastating fire in 1958, which destroyed the Victorian market building, tp bennett was commissioned to reconstruct a modern Poultry Market fit for the 20th century.

Pioneering technology was needed to realise our bold architectural design. Working in collaboration with Arup,, we created a domed roof that was the flattest ever seen in the world and seemed to float above the four walls of the market. Its apparent lightness amazes to this day.

A great example of both functional and beautiful architecture, the Poultry Market is currently being refurbished to become home to the new Museum of London exhibition space, once again enabling the public to experience and enjoy this incredible building.

Photograph copyright Getty images