tp bennett


Here at tp bennett, we are unusual in having our own planning team. This gives us a significant advantage – a dedicated in-house competence in providing design-literate planning input and services across the spectrum of developments, masterplanning and urban design.

With our considerable experience, we offer robust policy and contextual analysis to minimise the planning risk for our clients’ proposals. We understand what is and isn’t important in navigating the impenetrable application process. At the same time, we help promote sustainable design to project teams and clients. We foster a collaborative approach with planning authorities and communities, and our connections help ensure successful planning outcomes.

Working alongside our architect and interior design colleagues, we integrate planning thinking into the design process. We know how buildings are delivered, so the permissions we negotiate can be implemented without delay. At the same time, we have helped cultivate the practice’s sustainable design credentials.

We frequently work independently of our design colleagues, taking our experience and understanding to projects with other leading architects.