tp bennett


UBS - 5 Broadgate



London, UK


Workplace Occupier

700,000 sq ft


UBS was seeking a new London headquarters to assert its position as a modern and forward-looking bank with a genuine confidence in London and the banking industry. Having chosen 5 Broadgate, London’s biggest ‘groundscraper’ in the heart of the City, UBS appointed tp bennett to develop an interior design that would embody its core values of truth, clarity and performance.

The ground-breaking design of 5 Broadgate evolved through a harmonious partnership between Make, British Land, UBS and tp bennett, as well as the consultant team and the City of London. Conceived as a financial powerhouse with vault-like security, every aspect is bespoke and designed with longevity, quality, flexibility and sustainability in mind. A sophisticated mix of integral, sustainable systems place it in the top ten BREEAM buildings in London.

At the heart of our design approach was the creation of a world-class, 24-hour business hub over 700,000 sq ft and across 12 floors. The building houses exceptional trading, client and staff facilities, including a restaurant, gym, retail space, tech points, newsagent, dry cleaner, concierge service, cycle storage, showering facilities and a wellness centre. It also supports a shift in working practices to a more progressive, agile and collaborative approach, designed to enhance productivity, teamwork and overall business performance.