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BP, London

A dynamic workplace environment celebrating diversity and promoting holistic wellbeing for its staff and visitors.




London, UK






Workplace Occupier


253,000 sqft

Tasked with creating a new office that celebrates diversity and promotes holistic wellbeing for its staff and visitors, tp bennett’s design for BP has resulted in an energetic workplace that promotes collaboration, sparks innovative thinking and takes sustainability as an imperative. This unique workspace has been tailored to create a dynamic and inspirational environment for BP’s London workforce.

Spanning eight floors of the Cargo building in Canary Wharf, the design pushes the boundaries of how to create an inclusive and respectful workplace where everyone is welcome. There is a strong emphasis and consideration on inclusivity and neurodiversity within the design, creating a sociable and agile workplace for staff, visitors and the wider community. Recognising that different people have different working and lifestyle needs and preferences, the project includes a variety of spaces that are designed to feel intuitive.

Positioned as small neighbourhoods, the workspaces cater to individual preferences by offering a balance of interactive hubs and distraction-free zones. Colour, materiality and zoning create specific sensory experiences that prompt the intended user behaviour. Going far beyond standard requirements, every desk and meeting room has been designed with generous space that supports physical accessibility.

A bespoke Sustainability Charter with 45 environmental and social targets collectively pushed the client, design teams and suppliers to set new benchmarks for a sustainable office fitout. This resulted in one of the largest net zero carbon office fitouts, comprising the most detailed measurement and optimisation of an office fit-outs carbon footprint in the UK at the time.


  • BCO Regional Award (London)

    BP London, Fit out of Workplace