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Radisson Blu Hotel – Brút & Kaffi Ó-le

Complementary dining experiences for the hotel, which sought to reinvent its food and beverage offering


Eik Real Estate plc


Reykjavik, Iceland







We designed two distinctly different but complementary dining experiences for Radisson Blu, which sought to reinvent its food and beverage offering. The new Brút and Kaffi Ó-le eateries provide all-day dining experiences for guests of the hotel, but also operate independently and can be accessed by the public directly from the street.

The landmark historic building, once home to Iceland’s first steamship company, still retains many original features and details such as its elegant, refined façade and its stunning central green marble staircase. Structural interventions were undertaken to seamlessly connect through to the Radisson Blu lobby lounge, which was refurbished by tp bennett as a part of the project.

The design brings in Nordic influences but avoids fire and ice clichés. A welcoming shopfront for Kaffi Ó-le, a speciality coffee shop, incorporates bench seating behind the glazed windows – adorned with playful branding by Icelandic agency Weird Pickle.  Brut, a high-end yet casual seafood restaurant uses natural warm materials such as timber alongside subtle nods to the art deco history of the 100 year old building with the use of green marble and terrazzo flooring.

The building’s beautiful expansive windows are utilised to ensure the dining room feels light and fresh during daylight hours and to promote views of the warm interior during the evening in the colder months