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Driving for Change

Transforming London buses to support people experiencing homelessness


Change Please






Interior Design




2 London double-decker buses

Part of a pilot, we have repurposed two London double-decker buses, transforming them into support assistance for the Change Please Foundation, a social enterprise, which supports people experiencing homelessness.

The Driving for Change initiative is an all-in-one direct intervention service providing those experiencing homelessness access to free GP consultations, haircuts, dental care, digital and financial literacy training, support opening a bank account where appropriate, employment support, shower facilities, therapy assessments, and essential everyday items.

In partnership with Change Please, the project’s design ambition was to create a welcoming sanctuary space where guests would feel at ease. A nurturing ‘cocoon; space at a domestic scale, promoting a sense of belonging and safety. A base palette of calming cues is complimented by bright and uplifting street art, designed and sprayed by Bud Studio, which lines the walls at the entry point and up the stairwell, enlivening the transient areas.

Efficient use of space and the creation of confidential and closed rooms caters for the diverse range of needs facilitated by the project. Every part of the interior space is used to its potential, combining intelligent fit-out with bespoke joinery.

In service three days a week, the buses are parked in strategic locations; St Martin’s Le Grand, City of London, Hackney Town Hall and Gillett Square in Dalston.