tp bennett


Ghana District Health Programme


Ministry of Health




Seven district hospital campuses


In response to growing demand, Ghana’s Ministry of Health appointed tp bennett to design seven campus-style district hospitals across the country. With one already built near the capital Accra, and six others ongoing, the nimble construction model and responsive design have won several awards.

Designed in a modular system, the hospitals are adaptable to local conditions, targeted to meet local needs, and designed to meet budgetary constraints. They avoid the traps of previous facilities that were expensive, hard to renew and inflexible. The steel-framed buildings are single-storey, so do not require elevators in energy-compromised areas, and the walls made using a simple method of polystyrene and steel mesh, finished with spray concrete.

Each campus is arranged around a central clinical building with a network of wards and covered walkways. Ventilated by fresh air, the wards are surrounded by gardens and play areas. Allowing for potential expansion, the campus plan also provides key worker accommodation to assist the retention of staff. Large waiting zones have been created for visitors and, using a localised healthcare model that emphasises prevention, education spaces have been provided for locals to learn about issues such as child nutrition and sexual health.


Infrastructure Project Developer Awards 2016
Winner - African Social Project Developer of the Year

ICE Awards 2016
Winner - District Hospitals Project Award

British Expertise Award 2016
Winner - Outstanding International Architect

Architects for Health Awards 2015
Winner - Best International Project / Ghana District Health Programme