tp bennett


A great place to work is a business priority: good for productivity and the retention of staff. Yet it can be elusive and this is where tp bennett’s strategy team can offer support. We work both alongside the practice and as an independent consultancy, with the objective to help clients understand their working needs and help them embrace the future.

Our approach and analysis is driven by three key factors: knowledge, learning and measurement. We apply deep and diligent research into each workplace, interviewing staff and holding workshops, gathering data and implementing systematic workplace strategies such as change management and space analysis. Always aware of emerging trends and changing working patterns, we use our findings to develop creative and effective workplaces across all sectors from law to technology, media to banking.

Our research can help clients become more efficient, gain a competitive edge and attract and retain personnel. It also helps each occupier to use their architecture and interior design to its full potential by recommending new materials and technologies, and help them become future-proof, building resilience to change.