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LFA Studio Lates - 'home sweet home pop up'

LFA Studio Lates - 'home sweet home pop up'
24 July 2019

On Friday 28th June we opened our studio doors as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2019, inviting the public to explore this year’s theme of ‘Boundaries’ by hosting an interactive spectator-led installation, 'home sweet home'.

In partnership with artists Abigail Conway & Lucy Hayhoe of ‘Subject to_change’, we created our own miniature flat packed cardboard town. Guests were invited to ‘purchase’ their own plot of land and home, decorate it and contribute to the building of a new community.

Our town quickly became a community as neighbours designed their own houses/houseboats/businesses and started to talk to one another. The local radio station was broadcasting live, and the postal service was delivering mail across town! 

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