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From London Bridge Station to rural Cameroon, tp bennett has had a huge breadth of experience in masterplan design. We have worked with many agencies to solve all manner of masterplanning briefs: from underperforming town centres hoping to raise retail revenues, to rural areas hoping to meet housing targets and whole new residential districts in developing countries.

This process involves developing a knowledge of local conditions and planning policy, and innovating appropriate to appropriate community consultation, to enable us to base our proposals on analysis and evidence. We then work with multiple stakeholders, including business partnerships, developers, local authorities and communities, to create regenerative visions for underdeveloped places. The same principles are applied across domestic and international projects, and we have both global affiliates and domestic expertise to draw upon.

Campbell Wharf Campbell Wharf

campbell wharf

Dartford Westgate Quarter Dartford Westgate Quarter

dartford westgate quarter

Great Culverden Great Culverden

great culverden

Guildhall Masterplan Guildhall Masterplan

guildhall masterplan

Isleport Road Highbridge Isleport Road Highbridge

isleport road highbridge

London Bridge Station Masterplan London Bridge Station Masterplan

london bridge station masterplan

Marine Drive, Accra Marine Drive, Accra

marine drive, accra

Residential Masterplan Douala Residential Masterplan Douala

residential masterplan douala

Watford Health Campus Masterplan Watford Health Campus Masterplan

watford health campus masterplan