tp bennett


A well-established part of tp bennett with its own heritage within the practice, the interiors team recently celebrated 20 years of successful activity. During that time our interiors division has delivered a rich variety of spaces for occupiers in all sectors – including financial services, retail, residential, media, technology, hospitality, law and government – ranging from fit-outs and corporate refurbishments right through to detailed specification and furniture design. We work in the UK and internationally, helped by team members drawn from across the world, and have won many awards for the practice and our projects.

With a strong core of strategic consultancy and planning, the interiors division combines evidence-based design with technology and design flair. As a design democracy our teams remain flexible, blending experience with fresh talent, and work across multiple sectors to encourage diversification. A key part of our remit is wellness and environmental responsibility, which feeds into one of the core priorities of the practice – that in every interior, people should be able to leave feeling healthier than when they arrive.