tp bennett


Architecture is about the intelligent resolution of form, space and light, creating buildings that give delight and pleasure to all those that see and use them. That is our mission. It is also about creating buildings that tread lightly upon our planet, yet produce the controlled environments that efficiently house the breadth of all human activity. This is what we enjoy doing.

We design across a wide range of typologies in both public and private sectors, at home and internationally. Our work has been recognised by numerous architectural and industry awards and seven of our buildings have been granted listed status.

Our creativity, energy and new ideas are supported by solid knowledge and experience. We operate a studio system backed by specialist centres of excellence and rigorous system of internal review, which provides an accomplished, personal, client- focussed service. We believe in the social power of good architecture to enrich all sections of society but we also understand the commercial dynamics that allow development and regeneration to happen.