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Trevor Gale


Trevor Gale

A long-established member of the interiors division, Trevor began his life at tp bennett as an architect working on various projects from major office developments to student halls of residence.

After the interiors division was founded in 1998, his expertise, contract and technical skills became invaluable and to date, Trevor has worked extensively in the financial and legal sectors, with clients such as Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital, Nationwide, JP Morgan and Hogan Lovells.

Trevor also has a rich portfolio in media and tech companies including Microsoft, Skype, The Guardian and notably the BBC: a fourth-generation tp bennett client for whom Trevor has delivered over 30 projects including data centres, broadcast facilities and office areas.

With extensive technical expertise, Trevor works as a collaborative design team leader, integrating architectural design, workplace strategies and fit-out construction. Trevor is also a technical author for British Council of Offices and has written articles for the Architects’ Journal.