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Jane Crowhurst


Jane Crowhurst

Jane was appointed to lead tp bennett’s Zurich office at the beginning of 2013. As an experienced architect with an MBA and management consulting experience, she has a unique combination of skills and experience.

She has worked extensively in the international arena, as an architect in Hong Kong, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France and Switzerland and as a management consultant in South Africa, Germany and the United Kingdom. Jane focuses on the corporate and education sectors and believes passionately that architecture is a powerful instrument for change. The aim in all her projects is to ensure that the built environment enables and supports an organisation to fulfil its strategic and operational aims.

Clients include Anglovaal. BP, Merrill Lynch, Old Mutual, The Boston Consulting Group, The Law Society, Peninsular Hong Kong, Madibatlou Trust, Winchester International School, Copenhagen International School and the International School of Paris.

Jane speaks fluent German and is an experienced international school board trustee.