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Dilhan Surin

BSc (Int Des) BAPPSc (Arch. Science)

Dilhan Surin

Dilhan relocated from Sydney, Australia to join the interiors team in 2014. With 16 years’ experience working across Asia-Pacific in Tokyo, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, his portfolio includes projects for blue-chip corporate and boutique business clients such as Qantas, Motorola and GSK. At former practice RDG, Sydney, Dilhan specialised in hospitality design and also led the concept design and country-wide roll-out of the ING Australia headquarters and its satellite offices.

Dilhan will continue to advise clients on change management processes to maximise efficiencies as well as working behaviours of Generation X, Y and Z, helping clients create working environments that keep their employees engaged. He also advises on global working practices and cultures.