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tp bennett's net zero roadmap

3 November 2021

Vicki Odili (tp bennett), Simon Wilkes (Legal & General) and Mark Terndrop of Waterman join Paul Unger to talk about tp bennett's Net Zero roadmap on the latest Place Tech podcast.

Listen to the podcast here

How to make buildings fit for the future – tp bennett’s Net Zero Carbon roadmap prioritises sustainable and equitable design following the United Nation’s goals

The big skills challenge – the property industry needs to start at ‘home’, in your own company, and individuals need to take responsibility for upskilling themselves.

Why the industry needs an accurate standard rating system for carbon emissions. The key success factor for investment funds – briefing teams and being clear what you want to achieve out of a building, which may mean taking a longer-term view on value.

Where to focus your energy in decarbonising your supply chain – tp bennett’s responsible sourcing charter has found a lot of suppliers do not have all the information they need about product origin.

Things to watch out for – M&E systems will typically last 15-20 years, so in the lifecycle of a building if they have to be replaced three or four times, they have a large embodied carbon impact.

Addressing sustainability from the outset, rather than as a bolt on – buildings need to be simplified, relying on fabric to do the hard work



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