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2025: Re-imagining the post-pandemic workplace

2025: Re-imagining the post-pandemic workplace
24 November 2020

As the office sector faces seas of change, the BCO NextGen challenged the industy to re-imagine the post-pandemic workplace in 2025.

Welcome to Neo Haus: the sentient workplace revival, tp bennett’s response to the brief.

Neo Haus, meaning a ‘new or revived form of ‘ redefines the purpose of the physical office space.  Why work in the office when you can work anywhere?

The workplace will never go back to how it was, neither will it disappear forever.  Neo Haus is a human-centric network connecting the 'home', the 'local' and the Neo Haus HQ.  It is a high-energy cultural and social hub that is amenity-led, providing world-class working and project facilities, varied meeting spaces and enhanced health and wellbeing provisions.

The design is not just concept-led, it is data driven with 98% of survey respondents believing in the importance of having an HQ.

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